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About us

PROGAIA Ltd is a Greek company based in Athens and operating in the trade of biodegradable lubricants (with applications in shipping, off-shore and in-land operations), specialty lubricants and other chemical products. Our company is the official distributor of CALUMET BRANDED PRODUCTS LLC in the territories of Greece and Cyprus. CALUMET markets lubricants under the brands of BEL RAY and ROYAL PURPLE. These products meet and exceed the requirements of the most demanding applications.


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Our company operates in the wholesale and retail trade of innovative lubrication technology products with a focus on synthetic and biodegradable lubricants. The technology of CALUMET under the brands of BEL RAY and ROYAL PURPLE ensures superior product quality in dedicated application. 

Lubricants for in-land applications face the demanding technical specifications of equipment manufacturers and environmental considerations for pollution minimization. 

The range of CALUMET products exceeds such technical specifications because of their advanced synthetic technology and provide customers with the alternative of synthetic-ester biodegradable products (EAL) that in addition to their superior quality reduce the environmental footprint of industrial operations. These products are part of the Royal Purple product range called Biomax and have the latest EU-Ecolabel environmental certification (2020).

Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL) do not pollute the environment as they are naturally biodegraded by micro-organisms when leaked in the ecosystem. Excavations, quarrying, drilling etc. are ideal applications for EAL products as the lubricant may come in contact with sensitive environments such as acquifers, lakes, rivers and the sea.

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CALUMET’s Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants are designed for all applications in the shipping industry where the lubricants may come in contact with the sea. The lubricants meet the manufacturers’ technical specifications, as well as the EPA: VIDA / VGP environmental specifications. They are designed for use in propulsion systems (Stern Tube oils), hydraulic and gear systems.

PROGAIA Ltd also trades CALUMET’s industrial lubricants and chemical products, which have been developed for special applications such as; Food, Cosmetics, Medicines, Paper, Aluminum, etc.

These products have been certified for their quality and safe use for each specific application (e.g. NSF approvals for food lubricants – food grades) and are also qualified by equipment manufacturers’ approvals per application.

ecolabel λάδια



Our company is the official distributor of CALUMET BRANDED PRODUCTS LLC in the territories of Greece and Cyprus

Bel - Ray

Our company is the official distributor of Bel Ray in Greece and Cyprus. 

Royal Purple

Our company is the official distributor of Royal Purple in Greece and Cyprus.